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Featured Spa  Canyon Ranch Wellness Spa

Canyon Ranch Wellness Spa
Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach

6801 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Phone: (866) 276-2226


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Your active days become whole as you balance them with healing, re-energizing treatments at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Wellness Spa. Vanish stress, open unexpected pathways to healing and reward your much-deserving muscles as you soothe your soul. Each spa treatment will include:

Lose yourself in Aquavana thermal suites, a lavish array of healing waters, thermal cabins and soaking tubs that you will want to explore at your leisure. Wander from one rejuvenating experience to the next, feeling renewed with each breath and soothed by the cool and warm waters. We advise our guests to allow at least 30 minutes to indulge in the spectacular Aquavana Experience, exclusive to Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach.

Miami Spa Month Treatment: Choose one of the following treatments:

Orange Blossom Manicure & Pedicure - 80 min:
Sit back, relax and be pampered from soul to sole, this 80-minute Orange Blossom manicure-pedicure combo is an essential for ultimate relaxation. Your feet are soaked in a warm bath of pure coconut milk and exotic nut oils to soften and hydrate the deepest layers of dry skin. A natural cane sugar rub then lifts away dry skin and polishes the skin to a natural glow. While you are floating in paradise your legs are massaged with warm basalt stones using pure Fiji’s own Orange Blossom oil as it rapidly hydrates skin and locks in the moisture to keep it perfectly nourished. This service includes nail shaping, cuticle work and your nails are polished to perfection followed by a mini manicure.


MoroccanOil Signature Cut & Style - 80 min:
Beautify your hair with a fresh cut and style for summer season!
Indulge in a luxurious mask treatment to nourish the hair, then receive a custom haircut by one of the expert stylists at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach and experience the uplifting results of MoroccanOil nutrient-rich, antioxidant-infused products best suited for your hair. Walk away, hair styled to perfection and feeling transformed!


The exclusive “Your Transformation Facial” - 50 min:
Our exclusive facial featuring Canyon Ranch Products with ProNAD ™, a patented timed-release form of highly active niacin, clinically proven to repair and resist skin damage and rebuild healthy cells. In addition, the Your Transformation facial provides Ceraplex ™, to boost skin’s moisture retention and defense against signs of aging as well as AntiOx3™ an exclusive blend of antioxidants that uses potent free-radical fighters to produce great visible results. A complete restorative anti-aging treatment for all skin types.


De-Stress Massage - 50 minutes:
Sooth tension and uplift spirits with this signature massage perfect for calming and restoring the body and mind. Enhanced with ayurvedic oil and essences Sandalwood, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang, this full body experience is the very special treat you deserve. Suitable for those ready to relax, disconnect and unwind.


The ancient practice of Acupuncture is embraced by us here in the west because it has the ability to transform our health. By tapping into your energetic field, this technique can address specific health issues, prevent illness, and promote longevity. Please wear light, loose-fitting clothing.


Feel your best with a healing session! This focused therapy clears the energy field, seeks to align body, mind, and spirit, and can have a powerful impact on restoring personal balance. Please wear light, loose-fitting clothing.


Sit down with a nutritionist to address topics such as: digestive wellness, eating for energy, eating for exercise, eating well at college, feeding a family, healthy eating, healthy weight, nutrition for the busy traveler, vegetarian/vegan diets, vitamins/supplements.


This state-of-the-art scan precisely measures lean body mass and fat distribution, and allows us to determine the optimal proportions for your body. (This test uses a low level of radiation). An exercise physiologist designs an exercise program to change your body composition, taking your test results and preferences into account.

Cancellation and Late Policy
Please allow 24 hours’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling of Spa services to avoid a 100% charge. Should you arrive late for your
appointment, your service will be modified to maximize your remaining time to honor other scheduled appointments.

What to Bring?
We provide a robe and sandals. Please feel free to bring a bathing suit to enjoy the use of Aquavana™.

Cost: $99 (tax and gratuity are not included). Reservation Required.

Miami Spa treatments offered July 1 – August 31

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